Top Anti-Aging Secrets for Women

Aging is a natural part of life, and fighting age is natural for women. Anti-aging advice for women may lead you down some strange and expensive paths. The bottom line is to be practical. Make practical changes to get the results you want.

The top anti-aging secrets for women are not really secrets. They are practical changes in your lifestyle that deliver beautiful results. Try these anti aging secrets and fight looking older.
Sleep for Beauty

Get in the habit of sleeping on your back. As you get older, skin loses it’s elasticity. After a night of sleeping on your face, this is not good. Sleeping on your back will allow skin to smooth out and prevent wrinkling and puckering around the eyes, mouth and nose.

Change your bedding if you need to make your mattress more comfortable. Get at least seven hours of sleep each night. This rest is crucial for good anti-aging results.


Fight Gravity

As we get older, our body wrinkles because it ages, loses elasticity and succumbs to gravity. The pull of the earth eventually wins but you can fight the inevitable.

Fight gravity by exercising regularly. Tone up muscles with a good workout at least three times a week. You do not have to become a body builder but some exercise is needed. Working out also removes toxins that make skin look older.

Stress Free Living

Have you ever seen an old islander? Take a clue from those that live on tropical islands; go stress free. Stress free living is good on your heart, your body and your appearance. Anti aging should begin with a good attitude towards life and life’s challenges. Do not dwell on problems continually; release worry. Spend some time in meditation or prayer every day. Find ways to cope with stress that do not make you look older than you are.

Skin Protection

Before heading outdoors, attend to your skin. A top anti aging secret is to prevent problems before they occur. Stop spotting on your hands and face by using a good sunscreen before stepping outside. It is much more difficult to remove spots than it is to prevent them from appearing in the first place. Sunscreen is your friend.

Skin Protection

Adjust Your Skin Care

Make changes in your skin care. Adopt a few best anti aging products to help you look and feel younger. Replace your old moisturizer for one with a sunscreen. Try a gentle cleanser rather than a rough abrasive one that does more harm than good. Sort through your skin care system and replace products that do not help you fight aging.