4 Gummy Multivitamins for Adults

Multi-Vites Gummy Vitamins:

These Gummy Multivitamins for adults are made by Nutrition Now, a company that produces natural vitamins, top probiotic pills for women and herb supplements. Multi-Vites Gummy Vitamins come in a clear container that has 70 chewable multivitamins for adults. They do not contain artificial flavors or preservatives and have lemon, berry and orange flavors.

Omega-3, CoQ10 and Vitamin C are some of the nutrients in Multi-Vites Gummy Vitamins. This product can be found at many drugstores and general retail stores. It costs between $7 and $12 depending on where you buy it. There is also a “Vitafusion” brand of Multi-Vites that may not be from the same company.

Multi-Vites Gummy Vitamins

Slice of Life Gummy Vitamins:

Produced by Hero Nutritionals, these multivitamins for adults are affordable and widely available. The container includes 60 chewable fruit flavored gummy slices that are gluten and allergen free. The Slice of Life brand seems to only offer Multivitamins with Lycopene.

Otherwise, you would have to buy a separate container of Vitamin C, Energy and many other products. Slice of Life Gummy Multivitamins for adults can be pricey. It costs around $13 at the low end and can go up to $19.99 at some stores.

Health Science Labs Vital 8 Gummy Multivitamin:

These vitamins are affordable and come in an attractive container. Vital 8 Gummy Multivitamins do not look like your average vitamins. They come in a container that looks like shaving cream or some type of hair styling product. Vital 8 Gummy Multivitamin containers are black with a lime green top.

This dietary supplement for adults contains Strawberry, orange and black cherry flavors. Health Science Labs Vital 8 Gummy Multivitamins cost $7.99 at many drugstores but some retailers try to charge more for them.

Nordic Berries Multivitamin:

These dietary supplements for adults are made by the Nordic Naturals Company. Many stores market Nordic Berries as a multivitamin for kids. The product labeling also gives off a cartoon like impression that may not be desirable for some adults.

However, the product description on the bottle states that Nordic Berries can be used by adults as well. These gummy multivitamins have a sweet and sour citrus flavor.

Nordic Berries Multivitamin

They are also pectin based and allergen free. Nordic Berries are also plentiful, taking away the need to purchase them frequently. Each container of these gummy multivitamins contains 120 treats.

Nordic Berries Gummy Multivitamins for adults cost between $19 and $22. They can last for a long time which may justify the price. Nordic Berries Multivitamins can be found at many health food and herb stores.

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Lowering cholesterol naturally is a fairly straightforward proposition. It typically requires change in lifestyle and long-term habits.
The definition of cholesterol reduction by natural methods means you use no medications to battle it.

The first method that is very effective is to eat oatmeal. The cereal has an incredible effect on the natural lowering of cholesterol. It is wise to minimize milk but fruits are encouraged.

Exercise burns up fat and other damaging elements. If you happen to be a diabetic you can verify this by taking your sugar and then exercising. You will be amazed at the reduction of the sugar level.Exercise burns up fat and other damaging elements

In conjunction with exercise is losing weight. Of course often, changing dietary habits will automatically result in weight loss. Weight loss does lead to the natural lowering of cholesterol because you are putting less damaging elements into your bloodstream.

It is important to note here that not all cholesterol is bad. There is such a thing as good cholesterol. The “good” cholesterol is termed HDL and the “bad” cholesterol is termed LDL. Cholesterol is mandatory for creation of sex hormones. You want to increase the HDL and decrease the LDL. I have linked to a chart to help you with the numbers.

Do you smoke? If you do smoke, stop. That will lower your cholesterol as long as you don’t replace it with eating which many people do.

Diet in general aids reduction of high cholesterol naturally. Fruits and vegetables used as snacks rather that chips and fries make a big difference.

You can use supplements found in certain foods. Probably the most well-known is fish oil. Also the ingestion of garlic helps lower cholesterol naturally.

High cholesterol naturally

When you find that your cholesterol numbers are high then the first thing you want to do is have a complete exam. Sometimes high cholesterol is a result of diabetes or high blood pressure. Reducing sugar and getting sugar under control is an aid in reducing cholesterol levels naturally. High blood pressure often signals a number of problems and certainly it affects cholesterol levels. If you have high blood pressure, getting it under control will aid in the natural control of blood pressure.

Part of lowering cholesterol naturally is to know that you have it. You should start by checking your family history and your race/culture which may be prone to the problem.

The nice thing about cholesterol is that it will respond to a fair effort to reduce it. There is no reason that you have to live in fear.

Lifestyle Change for a Better Health

Well now the Christmas season is over for another year, many of are left with the results of overindulgence. Weight! The “w” word raises its ugly head time and time again as we become more health and fashion conscious about those excess pounds. Many of us have no doubt at one time or another tried to lose weight. Many of us have succeeded too, only to put on what we have lost a little later. It is a fact that most people that lose weight will regain what they have lost within four years.

So how do we keep off the spare tyres and stay more or less in shape? Dieting or exercise is in effect, a short term solution. A lifestyle change is the only way to keep your weight within a healthy range.

Better Health

Before we go any further, lets look at the principles of weight loss. The whole idea is to burn more calories than we consume. There are only two ways to do this, the first is exercise, the second, is diet. If we consume more calories than we can burn off, then the pounds pile on.

But as we have seen this only works if the diet or exercise program is maintained. So the trick, is to build it into your life.

Diet can be changed by reducing sugary or fatty foods, especially the ones eaten in-between meals. In fact, if you do eat in-between meals, stopping this will result in weight loss. If you can reduce the portions of what you eat if they are excessive will also be a positive step. Ideally, you should be eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, so if you grab a mars bar at three pm, swapping it for a banana is a winner.

Of course, what do you do if fruit and veg is not something you like? Well a glass of fruit juice counts as a portion, so a couple of glasses a day will make a difference. The same applies to vegetable juice.

The secret here though, is to realise that you are only human, and ok you may not be eating four portions of vegetables a day, so what! Life’s too short, just try not to eat food that is calorie loaded. Remember, any positive step is a good one.

The second, is exercise. Many of us simply do not have the time to spend three hours in a gym a day, even a week, so what can we do? Well, walking is always good, and let’s face it petrol is expensive these days. So leaving the car at home where you can is always good and cheaper. Cycling is always good too. The other option is to do a few press-ups or sit-ups a day.

You will be impressed how quickly you will build up muscles and the difference it makes to your weight. The beauty here is you can fit them in where you have a window, and again will not cost anything. If you can why not watch TV from a exercise bike or running machine? Just make sure you do not spill your coffee!

With obesity causing 9000 premature deaths a year and it’s relation to heart disease, type two diabetes, and breast, prostrate and colon cancers, there is a plethora of reasons to make the lifestyle change. If you manage it, you could live an extra nine years. Pass me a carrot!