Acne Myths – Debunked!

Ravaged, acne-ridden faces can be largely attributed to the lack of information out there over exactly what causes acne. Misdirected skin care regimens could result in producing unfruitful attempts to solve the problem. As the medical knowledge swirling around acne continues to develop, myths are starting to become debunked and realities uncovered.

For starters, there is a common misconception that acne is the result of poor hygiene. This couldn’t be further from the truth. First, acne is caused by a mixture of dead cells and serum, which is a process that occurs beneath the skin’s surface. Anything under the skin’s surface cannot be neutralized with a face scrub or soap wash.

Neutralized with a face scrub

Therefore, dirt on one’s face from a slide into home plate is not going to affect the skin at all. Secondly, many people associate acne with too much chocolate. Although processed and refined sugars can cause skin outbreaks, it does not necessarily cause acne outbreaks. Foods like potato chips have nothing to do with the bacteria building processed that occur within.

Misguided healing regimens include exposing our acne ridden faces to sunlight. Sunlight only serves to dry out excess oils in the skin and has been proven to be a short term solution, but not long term. Remember, the skin is highly adaptable to the sun and any effects that result from a quick fix won’t last. In addition, too much exposure to the sun is grounds for various cancers.

Plus, many people believe there is nothing you can do about acne. Many say “just let it run its course and it will disappear.” Wrong. There are lots of treatments out there that can reduce acne. A visit to the dermatologist after a case of Clearasil is your best bet.

Explosing skin

Another acne myth is that stress causes acne in teenagers. Once again, this is proven to be wrong. Teenagers, in particular, develop acne because of their raging hormones. There have been many cases of adults developing acne from stress, but that is far fetched most of the time. If you want to uncover additional acne myths you might believe to be true now, conduct your research. You’ll find that the beliefs you hold today might not be what you’ll believe tomorrow.

When to Consider Laser Therapy for Cellulite Reduction

Reducing the appearance of cellulite has become a multi-billion dollar business and many women, of all ages, are using a variety of solutions to try and reduce the cellulite. If you are struggling to look for a solution for your own cellulite, you may want to consult with a physician about the possible use of laser therapy for cellulite.

Laser therapy is an innovative form of dermatological treatment that is being used in cosmetic procedures including the stimulation of hair growth and also to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. For those who are involved with anti-aging services, the use of laser therapy for cellulite is becoming an increasingly more common form of service request.


When meeting with your doctor about cellulite treatments, laser therapy is considered a secondary level of care usually used after cellulite creams and lotions along with diet and exercise. In addition, the use of laser therapy for cellulite removal is also considered, typically, before liposuction. The key advantage of laser therapy lies in the ability to diminish the appearance of cellulite without the need to face surgery recovery or risks associated with liposuction.

While not all cases of cellulite can be minimized with laser therapy, many women who do not have significant expanded cases of cellulite will benefit. Typically, treatment will be requires for, at least, six sessions but results can be seem even after the first visit. Exercise, however, will need to be utilized after the procedure in order to reduce the re-appearance of cellulite.

Exercise with Good Diet

Any anti-aging services are questionable and are not effective for every person that has a complication that needs anti-aging services. When considering treatments for cellulite, you may not be a candidate for laser therapy, but it is important to consider the option and to consult with a dermatologist who uses this type of treatment.

When not a candidate for laser therapy, your doctor may offer liposuction or less advanced procedures as a more viable option. With the advances in technology, the use of laser therapy is well worth the consideration.

Review of L’oreal Revitalift Cream Cleanser

I recently purchased a bottle of L’oreal Revitalift radiant smoothing cream cleanser. The cleanser is part of L’oreal’s revitalift line of anti-aging skin care products. Revitalift cream cleanser costs roughly 7.00 for a 5 oz. bottle making it one of the less expensive L’oreal anti-aging skin care products.

L’oreal claims revitalift cream cleanser uses vitamin c to gently exfoliate and refresh skin. Revitalift Cleanser promises to help you “cleanse your way towards younger looking, revitalized skin. “

L’oreal also claims revitalift cleanser is gentle and foaming, ideal for removing makeup and other impurities from skin.

L'oreal Revitalift radiant smoothing cream cleanser

I immediately noticed that a little amount of revitalift cream cleanser goes a long way. I’ve been using it for several weeks, twice a day and am no where near running out. Revitalift cream cleanser is mid-priced but it is a good value because it lasts so long.

Many of the products in L’oreal’s revitalift line have an intense exfoliating effect. Because of this I was concerned that the Revitalift cream cleanser would dry out or irritate my sensitive skin but that has not been the case. Revitalift cream cleanser has been very gentle on my skin. I find it to be a little drying to my skin so I use it shortly before I apply moisturizer and that solved the problem.

Revitalift cream cleanser worked very well at removing makeup and left my skin feeling more toned. The cleanser has a very light scent, so it won’t irritate your sinuses. However, the scent is very neutral. Sure it’s not overpowering, but it doesn’t really smell like anything. It wasn’t unpleasant but I felt that the scent could use improvement. I also felt that the exceedingly neutral scent detracted a little bit from the overall refreshing effect of using the revitalift cream cleanser.

L’Oreal’s claims that revitalift cream cleaner is a foaming cleanser are quite true. The cleanser foams a lot, producing a rich lather that does a good job at cleansing. However, the cleanser is very thick and takes a while to properly rinse off.

Smooth skin

Overall I’m very satisfied with revitalift cream cleanser. It leaves my skin soft and shiny. I went out of town for a few days and forgot to bring the cleanser with me. I noticed a definite difference in how my skin looked after a couple days of using a different cleanser. Revitalift cream cleanser also works well at combating mild acne.

I recommend L’Oreal revitalift cream cleanser to anyone looking for a good deep cleaning daily cleanser. I will be purchasing it again and plan to use the cream cleanser long term.