How Diet Soda Can Sabotage Weight Loss Efforts

Since it’s inception, diet soda has been promoted as the perfect alternative to sugar laden drinks for those who are calorie and weight conscious. And although it is true diet soda has no calories, this certainly does not mean it doesn’t not affect your figure. Furthermore, according to published studies of diet soda, it may actually make you crave more sugary foods and drinks than if you had just drank a regular soda with sugar in it.

The reasons why diet soda may adversely affect your cravings and weight are varied, but we will discuss some of the most common reasons that have been discovered after doing studies of diet sodas.

Soda Can Sabotage Weight Loss Efforts

There are several theories, but these are the two most popular:


This is a hormone in our brain that makes us feel good. It is an important hormone, as those who suffer from depression have low levels of serotonin. When we eat something sweet serotonin levels are altered, making us feel good, but if the body does not feel it’s sugar needs are being met, it will make us crave foods that are converted into sugar such as breads and sweets.

The illusion of eating less

Another theory is that people who consume diet soda and other foods that are diet or “light” will give the person a form of mental “consent” to cheat on something else they eat or drink, or they may unconsciously believe that because they saved calories on one thing such as diet soda they can now eat more of other foods.

For example, there are those who believe that if you eat a large meal at a fast food restaurant such as a large order of fries and a double meat and cheese burger, you are still doing ok because you have saved calories by drinking a diet soda. While it may be true that you saved calories from the diet soda, you have also given yourself mental permission to indulge in a huge calorie and fat filled meal and not feel guilty about it.

Which is the best type of soda to drink?

The correct answer is none. Drink sodas only occasionally, and if you do drink any sodas, drink the real thing with real sugar, not diet sodas -of course this does not apply if you have a blood sugar problem such as diabetes. Leave drinking sodas for special occasions, not for every day drinking. This in turn will actually help you appreciate the taste even more so when you do drink them, such as only on weekends or when you eat out. Also keep in mind sodas are rich in sodium which causes the body to lose calcium. Calcium is vital for the health of our bones.


A normal 12-ounce soda has 12 teaspoons of sugar in it. The World Health Organization recommends that the maximum daily consumption of sugar should be 10 teaspoons. If you drink just one soda you have surpassed their recommendation by a single drink.

drinking water

Find healthful replacements for soda

Try drinking water or tea without sweetening, or a natural fruit juice with no added sugar, or low fat milk. Lemon, oranges or other fruits placed into water will also help to give it some flavor without large amounts of sugar.

Meridia: Not for Everyone

It was a lifeline. I, like many people in my shoes, have tried many different kinds of diets over the years. But alas, I tend to be part of that old cliché: I live to eat, not eat to live. It has been a curse these last years, when time behind the computer to earn the daily dime increases, decreasing my physical activity and all the while, nudging my age upward.

I’d tried the mini meals at one point and somehow trained my body that this was the right way to handle hunger. But then I found myself hungry all day long with a dash of ferocious appetite in the evening (unfortunately within two hours of bedtime). I needed help.

So I asked my doctor if there wasn’t something that would take the edge off that night-time hunger, something to help retrain my brain that I didn’t need that massive meal right before turning in at night. Eating earlier was out of the question because I’m afraid employers frown upon Bunsen burners at the desk and my hours dictated that I be there during that part of the day that most of us consider dinner time-and breakfast time and lunch time. The doctor was understanding and said that many of his patients had great success with a drug called Meridia. (

Meridia Tablets

I was excited to begin a new eating program with a nice crutch for added measure; and once the insurance hurdle was jumped, I started taking Meridia once a day. I’d, of course, gone online and read all the materials available regarding the side effects and usage of the drug, as well as things that other people were saying. It looked good-I could do this.

The first side effect popped up pretty quickly; in fact, it plagued me the first night. Insomnia. This was a real bummer, since I already had two sleep disorders; and now here I was, tossing and turning for five hours, added to an already overwhelming situation. Oddly, though I’d been up more than half the night that first night, and fitfully finally dosed off at a totally unreasonable hour; I wasn’t tired the next day. I felt a bit grouchy, but that was to be expected, right? Hmmm.

By the third day (still having insomnia each night), I realized that another side effect was occurring, but I’d been just dismissing it. It wasn’t until a close friend called me to ask, “Are you alright? You are really on edge lately. What gives?” I’d undergone in that short time frame a personality change-grouchy, in fact, was a kind description.

Frankly, and forgive my bluntness, I’d turned into a bitch. Now my personality, even on a bad day, is usually very mild. I’m almost always in a good mood and I rarely snap at anyone. I’m patient, giving, and generally well-liked. But when my friend pointed out my edginess, I realized that I’d truly changed in the prior couple days.

At work, I wanted to be left entirely alone in my office and did not welcome conversation or interruptions of any kind. When forced to interact (which is a large part of my job), I had to fight the urge to growl at people or become sarcastic. This was not me! At home, I didn’t hold back so much, and those around me were suffering-pretty much in silence for fear of death probably.

But here’s the best part. I was having insomnia. I’d turned into a nasty person. AND the drug was not working. It was supposed to be telling my brain that I was pleasantly full, but I was as hungry (if not more so) than ever! I was getting the bad side effects and not the benefit! Still, I was hopeful and decided to give it a few more days-just in case it took a while to get into my system (well longer than the side effects anyway).

Before And After

Lack of sleep and a changed personality could be dealt with on a short-time basis if I was aware of it, and if the drug would help me change my eating habits, I was all for continuing for a while longer. No go; things continued as they were: I was now a tired shrew.

Consequently, a little over a week after I’d started Meridia, I stopped Meridia. It just wasn’t worth the agony. So a note to the wise, beware, be watchful. It’s a wonder drug for many. But not everyone has a great experience with Meridia.

Can Women Take TestoFuel?

Women in the gym

Testosterone is a male hormone responsible for various masculinity features, including strength gains, muscle mass and fat loss.

Most testosterone boosters are targeted towards men who experience a drop in their T-levels with increasing age.

Women also produce testosterone, and their levels decline as they age.

The case is that both men and women have testosterone and estrogen but on different levels.

But most T boosters are often avoided by ladies due to the fear that they might cause androgenic effects.

Again, no testosterone booster is made explicitly for women.

All the same, some women are concerned about taking T-boosters to enhance their libido, bone density, mood, and muscle strength.

Research shows postmenopausal women who took testosterone alongside hormone therapy reported increased libido.

TestoFuel is a potent testosterone booster with a blend of natural elements.

But is it suitable for women?

Let’s see below.

Can Women Take TestoFuel?


Yes, women can take TestoFuel.

The manufacturer states:

Yes, this is a supplement designed to push your natural testosterone levels to the max, this is a safe amount of testosterone that your body can handle.

TestoFuel Benefits for Women

  • Boosts bone mass

Testosterone will prevent weakening of bones in post-menopausal women.

As hormone levels fluctuate during the menopausal period, women may develop osteoporosis.

TestoFuel will safely increase testosterone levels in women, thus increasing bone mass.

  • Enhances mood

During pre and post menopause, women often experience decreased energy, anxiety, and depression.

TestoFuel will boost mood, improve cognitive function, and increase energy in women.

  • Improved libido

TestoFuel improves sexual drive in women.

  • Accelerates muscle growth

Women in the bodybuilding industry require testosterone to build mass.

Hence, TestoFuel accelerates muscle growth in women involved in heavy training.

Other benefits

  • Reduces bloating and water retention
  • Increases vitality
  • Improves strength
  • Improves skin
  • Regular menstruation
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced muscle recovery

How to maximize TestoFuel results in women

Testosterone plays a significant role in women, including brain function, muscle growth, and bone health.

However, increasing age and certain diseases may lower these levels in the bloodstream.

Taking a good T-booster such as TestoFuel will help normalize T-levels.

So, how can women maximize results?

  • Lower alcohol intake

Research shows that drinking too much alcohol lowers testosterone but drinking small amounts might actually increase T-levels in both men and women.

Therefore to maximize results, women should drink moderately.

  • Exercise

Studies show women who engage in competitive sports, running, and weight lifting had increased Testosterone levels in their bloodstream.

  • Lower stress levels

Long term stress levels result in elevated cortisol levels.

Cortisol lowers T-levels in the body, accelerates weight gain and increases appetite.

TestoFuel works best if women avoid repetitive stressful events in their life.

  • Get enough sleep

Plenty of sleep is essential for your overall health.

Studies show that sleeping for only 5 hours a night reduces T-levels by 15 percent; testosterone levels rise with each additional hour you sleep.

Women and men should sleep around 7-10 hours to maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Take Away

Testofuel labels

Women need testosterone to offset the effects of menopause, including depressive symptoms and sexual dysfunction.

Also, women need the energy to support their training routine in the gym.

TestoFuel supports women T-needs.

More about Testofuel can be found here:

Big Breakfast, Slim Waist

First thing in the morning, there are lots of people that claim they just can’t eat breakfast. I used to be this way, then I saw the advantages of breaking your fast. Also, for weight loss there is nothing better than a nice healthy breakfast. I used to be 215lbs, 37 inch waist. Now I’m 164lbs, 31 inch waist, and of course I exercised! But the real secret is what you eat, and when you eat it. Eat big early and you’ll be running on high octane all day.

1) After a night’s rest, you’ve gone between 6 and 9 hours without a single thing to eat. Had you been awake for those hours, do you think you’d be hungry? Of course you would! Your metabolic rate is greatly decreased during sleep, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to feed yourself come wake up time.

When your body goes long periods of time without food, it turns on it’s survival mechanism: “starvation mode.” This is when your body stops burning the food you ate earlier, and starts converting those carbs into fat for longer term storage. So if you’re looking to pack on a little insulation for winter, skipping meals is a fantastic way to keep warm, because you’ll be padding your midsection in no time.

skipping meals is a fantastic way to keep warm

2) The next step after starvation mode is that your body will begin to consume what many of us try so hard to develop: muscle tissue. How can this be true? Because human bodies weren’t specifically designed to be beautiful machines like we tend to see them today, but rather as survival driven organisms. In time when food is short, begins to consume the chemical food stored in muscle tissue.

So when you starve yourself, or skip meals, or even just eat infrequently, your body will be more prone to dipping into those reserves and hampering your results. Why would you want to work against your muscle growth? Every pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day, just at rest! Don’t let your body go into starvation mode!

3) Skipping meals also has a further negative effect on your eating habits. When your body doesn’t have a nutrient rich diet to fuel it, you risk having your blood-sugar levels drop lower and lower, and you become “hypoglycemic.” Which literally means “low sugar.” So what does your body do to compensate? It looks for the nearest high sugar food product to get your back up to where you need to be.

And this tends to be a candy bar, or a cola, or some other piece of manufactured caloric evil. This dive and spike in your blood sugar levels is extremely harmful to your system, as it struggles to find a balance and finds itself working overtime to do so.

4) Eating a nice healthy breakfast will actually make you want to eat less throughout the course of the day, because it was fed so well in the very beginning. There is truth behind the old axiom, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” And it is. No other nutritional factor has as much effect on your body as a great breakfast.

On a side note, here are some easy ways to make breakfast a routine part of your day.

Get up a little earlier, take a shower and let your body and mind warm up. Usually by the time you’ve woken up, showered, shaved (men), and gone through your morning routine you’ll be getting pretty hungry. Avoid coffee and caffeine in the morning as they will only make you crash later in the morning. But if you’re one of the many that MUST have it, drink your coffee after your breakfast, as caffeine takes away your appetite, and makes you more prone to going into starvation mode.

Big Breakfast

For those of you that just claim you can’t bear to eat in the morning, start small. My breakfast is huge, but that’s because my body expects it. For you, start with something small and work your way up. A small bowl of cereal and a banana. Some yogurt and granola. A single egg and an orange. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you start to become hungry in the morning, and then you’ll be on the right track to feed yourself well, and feel good to go all day!

My own breakfast:

2 eggs (sometimes 3 if I’m extra hungry) and cheddar cheese made into an omelet.

2 pieces of toast, wholegrain, with homemade jam or jelly. Or oatmeal, from scratch (not the packaged stuff) with raisins, cinnamon, and brown sugar. Also, a little secret food I came across: hemp hearts. Mix a couple spoonfuls of hemp hearts into oatmeal or any other food like it, and you’ll be stunned by the energy you have! Talk about a wonder food!

1 banana

1 tall glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.

So, eat up, and good morning!

Top 5 Best Foods To Have After Your Workout

Eating after a workout is considered to be an important meal for the people looking to add mass and muscles. People today make a big mistake of not eating after a workout and hence end up unsatisfied with the results of their workout. They rather invest in buying supplements like testosterone boosters from MyPill App website instead of adding nutritious food as an after workout meal. Staying hydrated by drinking a lot of water compensates for the loss of water during a workout.

A healthy but good tummy-filling lunch forms an important part of our daily diet. By the time noon comes, it’s too easy to head towards the nearest pizza joint that sells non-healthy, rich in fats pizza with zero nutritive value.

Likewise, taking in an after workout meal rich in carbohydrates and proteins like the ones given below helps to add fuel to the body.

  1. Baked Vegetables With Chicken

Baked and skinless chicken breast is rich in monounsaturated fats, proteins and other minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc. Vegetables fuel the body with a lot of fiber and carbohydrates. This meal is perhaps the best and provides the body with all the essential nutrients required post-workout.

  1. Omelet Of 2 Or 3 Eggs

Cooked eggs in the form of an omelet loaded with pepper and your favorite vegetables will provide you with all the proteins required by the body. It along with being healthy is delicious too. Acting as an icing on the cake, the time limit required to make it is as low as 10 minutes. Thus, it is perfect after workout meal for the ones in a hurry.

  1. Spinach And Salmon Salad

This super tasty after workout meal provides your body with everything it needs post-workout. Spinach works on adding minerals and vitamins to the body while salmon adds omega 3 fatty acids to the body and is a storehouse of proteins.

  1. Tuna Rice

Adding tuna is an old way to award nutrients to the body. Being less than 200 calories, it provides around 42 grams of proteins to the body. Adding rice to tuna adds the required amount of carbohydrates and fiber. It is advisable to use brown rice as they are a healthier option than normal white rice.

  1. Toast Loaded With Peanut Butter

Natural peanut butter, a rich source of proteins when added to whole wheat bread makes it a delicious after workout meal option. This bread when topped with fresh fruits provides carbohydrates to the body. This toast can be taken with a glass of milk to make it a complete meal and hence adds the lost nutrients back to the body.

These five foods are sure to restock the body with the lost nutrients. Apart from these, you can opt for any of the foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins but low in the number of saturated fats and sugar as an after workout meal. Getting on a starvation mode is not a healthy way to control your weight and to get rid of extra fat from the body.

Acne Myths – Debunked!

Ravaged, acne-ridden faces can be largely attributed to the lack of information out there over exactly what causes acne. Misdirected skin care regimens could result in producing unfruitful attempts to solve the problem. As the medical knowledge swirling around acne continues to develop, myths are starting to become debunked and realities uncovered.

For starters, there is a common misconception that acne is the result of poor hygiene. This couldn’t be further from the truth. First, acne is caused by a mixture of dead cells and serum, which is a process that occurs beneath the skin’s surface. Anything under the skin’s surface cannot be neutralized with a face scrub or soap wash.

Neutralized with a face scrub

Therefore, dirt on one’s face from a slide into home plate is not going to affect the skin at all. Secondly, many people associate acne with too much chocolate. Although processed and refined sugars can cause skin outbreaks, it does not necessarily cause acne outbreaks. Foods like potato chips have nothing to do with the bacteria building processed that occur within.

Misguided healing regimens include exposing our acne ridden faces to sunlight. Sunlight only serves to dry out excess oils in the skin and has been proven to be a short term solution, but not long term. Remember, the skin is highly adaptable to the sun and any effects that result from a quick fix won’t last. In addition, too much exposure to the sun is grounds for various cancers.

Plus, many people believe there is nothing you can do about acne. Many say “just let it run its course and it will disappear.” Wrong. There are lots of treatments out there that can reduce acne. A visit to the dermatologist after a case of Clearasil is your best bet.

Explosing skin

Another acne myth is that stress causes acne in teenagers. Once again, this is proven to be wrong. Teenagers, in particular, develop acne because of their raging hormones. There have been many cases of adults developing acne from stress, but that is far fetched most of the time. If you want to uncover additional acne myths you might believe to be true now, conduct your research. You’ll find that the beliefs you hold today might not be what you’ll believe tomorrow.

When to Consider Laser Therapy for Cellulite Reduction

Reducing the appearance of cellulite has become a multi-billion dollar business and many women, of all ages, are using a variety of solutions to try and reduce the cellulite. If you are struggling to look for a solution for your own cellulite, you may want to consult with a physician about the possible use of laser therapy for cellulite.

Laser therapy is an innovative form of dermatological treatment that is being used in cosmetic procedures including the stimulation of hair growth and also to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. For those who are involved with anti-aging services, the use of laser therapy for cellulite is becoming an increasingly more common form of service request.


When meeting with your doctor about cellulite treatments, laser therapy is considered a secondary level of care usually used after cellulite creams and lotions along with diet and exercise. In addition, the use of laser therapy for cellulite removal is also considered, typically, before liposuction. The key advantage of laser therapy lies in the ability to diminish the appearance of cellulite without the need to face surgery recovery or risks associated with liposuction.

While not all cases of cellulite can be minimized with laser therapy, many women who do not have significant expanded cases of cellulite will benefit. Typically, treatment will be requires for, at least, six sessions but results can be seem even after the first visit. Exercise, however, will need to be utilized after the procedure in order to reduce the re-appearance of cellulite.

Exercise with Good Diet

Any anti-aging services are questionable and are not effective for every person that has a complication that needs anti-aging services. When considering treatments for cellulite, you may not be a candidate for laser therapy, but it is important to consider the option and to consult with a dermatologist who uses this type of treatment.

When not a candidate for laser therapy, your doctor may offer liposuction or less advanced procedures as a more viable option. With the advances in technology, the use of laser therapy is well worth the consideration.

Review of L’oreal Revitalift Cream Cleanser

I recently purchased a bottle of L’oreal Revitalift radiant smoothing cream cleanser. The cleanser is part of L’oreal’s revitalift line of anti-aging skin care products. Revitalift cream cleanser costs roughly 7.00 for a 5 oz. bottle making it one of the less expensive L’oreal anti-aging skin care products.

L’oreal claims revitalift cream cleanser uses vitamin c to gently exfoliate and refresh skin. Revitalift Cleanser promises to help you “cleanse your way towards younger looking, revitalized skin. “

L’oreal also claims revitalift cleanser is gentle and foaming, ideal for removing makeup and other impurities from skin.

L'oreal Revitalift radiant smoothing cream cleanser

I immediately noticed that a little amount of revitalift cream cleanser goes a long way. I’ve been using it for several weeks, twice a day and am no where near running out. Revitalift cream cleanser is mid-priced but it is a good value because it lasts so long.

Many of the products in L’oreal’s revitalift line have an intense exfoliating effect. Because of this I was concerned that the Revitalift cream cleanser would dry out or irritate my sensitive skin but that has not been the case. Revitalift cream cleanser has been very gentle on my skin. I find it to be a little drying to my skin so I use it shortly before I apply moisturizer and that solved the problem.

Revitalift cream cleanser worked very well at removing makeup and left my skin feeling more toned. The cleanser has a very light scent, so it won’t irritate your sinuses. However, the scent is very neutral. Sure it’s not overpowering, but it doesn’t really smell like anything. It wasn’t unpleasant but I felt that the scent could use improvement. I also felt that the exceedingly neutral scent detracted a little bit from the overall refreshing effect of using the revitalift cream cleanser.

L’Oreal’s claims that revitalift cream cleaner is a foaming cleanser are quite true. The cleanser foams a lot, producing a rich lather that does a good job at cleansing. However, the cleanser is very thick and takes a while to properly rinse off.

Smooth skin

Overall I’m very satisfied with revitalift cream cleanser. It leaves my skin soft and shiny. I went out of town for a few days and forgot to bring the cleanser with me. I noticed a definite difference in how my skin looked after a couple days of using a different cleanser. Revitalift cream cleanser also works well at combating mild acne.

I recommend L’Oreal revitalift cream cleanser to anyone looking for a good deep cleaning daily cleanser. I will be purchasing it again and plan to use the cream cleanser long term.