Top Anti-Aging Secrets for Women

Aging is a natural part of life, and fighting age is natural for women. Anti-aging advice for women may lead you down some strange and expensive paths. The bottom line is to be practical. Make practical changes to get the results you want.

The top anti-aging secrets for women are not really secrets. They are practical changes in your lifestyle that deliver beautiful results. Try these anti aging secrets and fight looking older.
Sleep for Beauty

Get in the habit of sleeping on your back. As you get older, skin loses it’s elasticity. After a night of sleeping on your face, this is not good. Sleeping on your back will allow skin to smooth out and prevent wrinkling and puckering around the eyes, mouth and nose.

Change your bedding if you need to make your mattress more comfortable. Get at least seven hours of sleep each night. This rest is crucial for good anti-aging results.


Fight Gravity

As we get older, our body wrinkles because it ages, loses elasticity and succumbs to gravity. The pull of the earth eventually wins but you can fight the inevitable.

Fight gravity by exercising regularly. Tone up muscles with a good workout at least three times a week. You do not have to become a body builder but some exercise is needed. Working out also removes toxins that make skin look older.

Stress Free Living

Have you ever seen an old islander? Take a clue from those that live on tropical islands; go stress free. Stress free living is good on your heart, your body and your appearance. Anti aging should begin with a good attitude towards life and life’s challenges. Do not dwell on problems continually; release worry. Spend some time in meditation or prayer every day. Find ways to cope with stress that do not make you look older than you are.

Skin Protection

Before heading outdoors, attend to your skin. A top anti aging secret is to prevent problems before they occur. Stop spotting on your hands and face by using a good sunscreen before stepping outside. It is much more difficult to remove spots than it is to prevent them from appearing in the first place. Sunscreen is your friend.

Skin Protection

Adjust Your Skin Care

Make changes in your skin care. Adopt a few best anti aging products to help you look and feel younger. Replace your old moisturizer for one with a sunscreen. Try a gentle cleanser rather than a rough abrasive one that does more harm than good. Sort through your skin care system and replace products that do not help you fight aging.

Male Menopause Symptoms and Treatment: My Ex-Boyfriend’s Experience

Several years ago, I met a man, who, from the moment we met, I felt an instant attraction towards. Sweet, thoughtful, with rugged good looks, he was the kind of guy that made it really easy for a woman to fall for, the one you want to bring home to meet your parents! He seemed to have everything that I had ever wanted in a partner, and he even did the dishes! But wait, this is just the beginning of the story, and, like many modern-day fairy-tales, this one does not have a happy ending!

He was older than I, by about a decade, which at the time, made him around 52. We were dating for about 2 years, when I started to notice strange yet subtle changes in his behavior. Initially, he began to cancel dates with me.

As time went on, he would fly off the handle for no reason, and became increasingly argumentative. While we previously were very sexually active, he started making excuses for not wanting sex, and would often-times, initiate an argument just to avoid the bedroom. Additionally, when we did have sex, his erection left, at best, something to be desired.

His moodiness increased and he finally sought medical attention. He was told that he had a testosterone deficiency, and was started on replacement therapy, and eventually felt better. In fact, he felt so much better, that he ended up cheating on me, and the relationship ended shortly thereafter. Hence, how I was introduced to the concept of “male menopause”.

Male Menopause

Causes of Male Menopause

Like its female counterpart, male menopause, occurs due to a decrease in sex hormones, and is more common than many people think. The male sex hormone, testosterone, starts to decline in men at a rate of about 1% per year, starting at approximately age 30.

These changes become most evident after the age of 70. Although most men don’t report experiencing symptoms of male menopause until they are over 50, some can begin to develop symptoms as early as age 40.

Testosterone bears the burden of inducing and preserving sexual characteristics of the male. Without it, little boys would probably look and sound more like little girls, as testosterone is also responsible for secondary sex characteristics, such as facial hair and deepening of the voice.

Male Menopause Symptoms

Male menopause symptoms can be extremely disruptive for men, causing them to feel ashamed and embarrassed. Depression, fatigue and irritability can put a damper on social affairs as well as employment and family life. While some men will dismiss it as part of growing older, the decrease in energy and vitality they may feel may prove too difficult to ignore.

What brings many men to the doctor’s office, however, is when symptoms of male menopause involve their performance in the bedroom. Since testosterone is the major sex hormone in males, then it is no surprise that a deficiency of it can cause decreased libido leading to, as I discovered with my previous lover, a somewhat “incomplete” erection or impotence.

And as most of you women out there know, nothing can make a man feel more inadequate than not being able to perform sexually.

Also leading to a source of embarrassment and concern for men, is the decrease in strength and endurance that occurs from testosterone deficiency. Because lowered testosterone can lead to muscle weakness and weight gain, normal, everyday tasks may now become difficult, causing men to feel even more confused and defective.

While occasional bouts of impotence or other symptoms like depression, or low energy are common and may not be related to testosterone deficiency, if the problem persists, a simple blood test may be all a man needs to diagnose the problem and start him on the right track.

Treatment for Male Menopause

Hormone replacement therapy remains the “gold standard” of treatment for symptoms of male menopause. The following forms are available as a method of delivery for testosterone replacement:

1. Injection–Testosterone can be delivered by injection, but the fear and pain of having a shot, can be a real turn off for some men. This method also requires frequent visits to the doctor’s office, as the shots must be delivered by a health care professional.

2. Pills–Most common way of testosterone replacement, and the method most easily “swallowed” if you will!

3. Patch-Convenient patches can be applied topically to the skin and must be replaced daily.

4. Implants-Pellet implants are inserted every 6 months into the stomach, upper arm or buttocks.

Be sure to discuss which method works best for you, with your primary care provider. Remember, as with any medication, there is always risk involved and the potential for bothersome side effects. Your health care provider can review these with you, and it ultimately remains your decision if you choose to embark on the road to recovery with hormone replacement therapy.

Treatment for Male Menopause

Lifestyle Changes

The importance of lifestyle changes is paramount to those suffering from low testosterone levels. This includes a healthy, well balanced diet and exercise program to improve health and reduce stress.

Eating more fruits and vegetables and staying away from processed foods, fats and sugars will also prove beneficial. Supplements that may be recommended by your doctor may include Zinc and Vitamin C, as well as a multi-vitamin and mineral tablet. As usual, always make sure to discuss supplements with a health care professional, before taking them.

It is important to note, that while male menopause symptoms can be debilitating for men and their families, treatment options do exist and hope can be rendered to those who suffer.

Men who have the courage to take responsibility for their health, and seek treatment for a condition that may cause undo shame and embarrassment, will be thankful that they did.


Nike + IPod Sport Kit: Just Get it

I’m a runner and a gadget freak, so when Apple announced the “Nike + iPod Sport Kit,” a $29.95 gizmo that hooks up to an iPod Nano on one end and to your running shoes on the other, I was immediately interested. The most appealing promise of the product was accurate measurement: I like to run wherever I happen to be, and go in whatever direction I want to go. But I also like to keep track of how far and how fast.

A Garmin Forerunner 201 that I tried six months ago was a massive flop; even running down a tree-free road on a sunny day, it was so grossly innacurate as to be entirely useless. Other products didn’t seem to offer much better in the realms of reliability or accuracy. So I had given up.

But within a half hour of getting the Nike + iPod, I was out the door and walking (I’m currently injured and can’t run at the moment), and the kit was working. Music was pumping through my headphones, and when I pressed the center button on my Nano I’d hear a firm female voice: “Two minutes, thirty seconds. One-tenth of a mile. Pace of 25 minutes per mile.” Then the music would ramp up again.

Nike + IPod Sport Kit

I walked on a measured course (I used Google Earth to measure it), and within a tenth of a mile I knew that the system wasn’t properly calibrated. By the time I got to the quarter-mile mark, it was telling me I’d walked .35 miles. So I stopped, selected the “Calibrate” option on the iPod’s Nike+iPod menu, set it to “walk,” entered a point-to-point distance I knew for sure (four-tenths of a mile from that point to another), and got started again. At the end of the four-tenths mark, I pressed the center button.

I walked on for another eight-tenths of a mile, and the combination wireless sensor-receiver was spot-on accurate. Drenched in sweat, I took a quick shower and headed over to my Mac (not required: the package works on PCs, too), and plugged in my iPod. Immediately, iTunes opened up and, and sensing that I had used the new add-on device, asked me if I wanted to sign up at for a account to track my workouts. I did, and within seconds my workout data had been transferred to my own personal workout database.

Although Apple is known for the simplicity of its products, and I’m a veteran Mac and iPod user, I was still surprised at how well this worked out of the box. I expected a glitch somewhere – that the wireless sensor wouldn’t work; that the iPod software would be buggy; that the Nike Web site would be a Beta Nightmare. But things went smoothly ,and for this reason I’d unequivically recommend the product.

Running With Nike + IPod Sport Kit

Also this: I don’t own a pair of Nikes. For decades I’ve run in New Balance and Asics, and had no intention of switching to Nike to give the product shot. But I had read that what makes the Nike’s “essential” to the whole package is a little pouch that’s built into the brand’s running shoes to hold the quarter-size transmitter perfectly. But at, I found a terrific “how to” about modifying the Nike + iPod to work with other shoes. Fifteen minutes with velcro and thread, and the transmitter was snugly attached to my Asics 2110s.

Today I’ll walk another couple of miles – I’m in rehab, and at the end of each workout (so far), Lance Armstrong has said to me, through my headphones, “Great job. That’s your longest workout so far!” Who knew he cared?

4 Gummy Multivitamins for Adults

Multi-Vites Gummy Vitamins:

These Gummy Multivitamins for adults are made by Nutrition Now, a company that produces natural vitamins, top probiotic pills for women and herb supplements. Multi-Vites Gummy Vitamins come in a clear container that has 70 chewable multivitamins for adults. They do not contain artificial flavors or preservatives and have lemon, berry and orange flavors.

Omega-3, CoQ10 and Vitamin C are some of the nutrients in Multi-Vites Gummy Vitamins. This product can be found at many drugstores and general retail stores. It costs between $7 and $12 depending on where you buy it. There is also a “Vitafusion” brand of Multi-Vites that may not be from the same company.

Multi-Vites Gummy Vitamins

Slice of Life Gummy Vitamins:

Produced by Hero Nutritionals, these multivitamins for adults are affordable and widely available. The container includes 60 chewable fruit flavored gummy slices that are gluten and allergen free. The Slice of Life brand seems to only offer Multivitamins with Lycopene.

Otherwise, you would have to buy a separate container of Vitamin C, Energy and many other products. Slice of Life Gummy Multivitamins for adults can be pricey. It costs around $13 at the low end and can go up to $19.99 at some stores.

Health Science Labs Vital 8 Gummy Multivitamin:

These vitamins are affordable and come in an attractive container. Vital 8 Gummy Multivitamins do not look like your average vitamins. They come in a container that looks like shaving cream or some type of hair styling product. Vital 8 Gummy Multivitamin containers are black with a lime green top.

This dietary supplement for adults contains Strawberry, orange and black cherry flavors. Health Science Labs Vital 8 Gummy Multivitamins cost $7.99 at many drugstores but some retailers try to charge more for them.

Nordic Berries Multivitamin:

These dietary supplements for adults are made by the Nordic Naturals Company. Many stores market Nordic Berries as a multivitamin for kids. The product labeling also gives off a cartoon like impression that may not be desirable for some adults.

However, the product description on the bottle states that Nordic Berries can be used by adults as well. These gummy multivitamins have a sweet and sour citrus flavor.

Nordic Berries Multivitamin

They are also pectin based and allergen free. Nordic Berries are also plentiful, taking away the need to purchase them frequently. Each container of these gummy multivitamins contains 120 treats.

Nordic Berries Gummy Multivitamins for adults cost between $19 and $22. They can last for a long time which may justify the price. Nordic Berries Multivitamins can be found at many health food and herb stores.

Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

Lowering cholesterol naturally is a fairly straightforward proposition. It typically requires change in lifestyle and long-term habits.
The definition of cholesterol reduction by natural methods means you use no medications to battle it.

The first method that is very effective is to eat oatmeal. The cereal has an incredible effect on the natural lowering of cholesterol. It is wise to minimize milk but fruits are encouraged.

Exercise burns up fat and other damaging elements. If you happen to be a diabetic you can verify this by taking your sugar and then exercising. You will be amazed at the reduction of the sugar level.Exercise burns up fat and other damaging elements

In conjunction with exercise is losing weight. Of course often, changing dietary habits will automatically result in weight loss. Weight loss does lead to the natural lowering of cholesterol because you are putting less damaging elements into your bloodstream.

It is important to note here that not all cholesterol is bad. There is such a thing as good cholesterol. The “good” cholesterol is termed HDL and the “bad” cholesterol is termed LDL. Cholesterol is mandatory for creation of sex hormones. You want to increase the HDL and decrease the LDL. I have linked to a chart to help you with the numbers.

Do you smoke? If you do smoke, stop. That will lower your cholesterol as long as you don’t replace it with eating which many people do.

Diet in general aids reduction of high cholesterol naturally. Fruits and vegetables used as snacks rather that chips and fries make a big difference.

You can use supplements found in certain foods. Probably the most well-known is fish oil. Also the ingestion of garlic helps lower cholesterol naturally.

High cholesterol naturally

When you find that your cholesterol numbers are high then the first thing you want to do is have a complete exam. Sometimes high cholesterol is a result of diabetes or high blood pressure. Reducing sugar and getting sugar under control is an aid in reducing cholesterol levels naturally. High blood pressure often signals a number of problems and certainly it affects cholesterol levels. If you have high blood pressure, getting it under control will aid in the natural control of blood pressure.

Part of lowering cholesterol naturally is to know that you have it. You should start by checking your family history and your race/culture which may be prone to the problem.

The nice thing about cholesterol is that it will respond to a fair effort to reduce it. There is no reason that you have to live in fear.

Lifestyle Change for a Better Health

Well now the Christmas season is over for another year, many of are left with the results of overindulgence. Weight! The “w” word raises its ugly head time and time again as we become more health and fashion conscious about those excess pounds. Many of us have no doubt at one time or another tried to lose weight. Many of us have succeeded too, only to put on what we have lost a little later. It is a fact that most people that lose weight will regain what they have lost within four years.

So how do we keep off the spare tyres and stay more or less in shape? Dieting or exercise is in effect, a short term solution. A lifestyle change is the only way to keep your weight within a healthy range.

Better Health

Before we go any further, lets look at the principles of weight loss. The whole idea is to burn more calories than we consume. There are only two ways to do this, the first is exercise, the second, is diet. If we consume more calories than we can burn off, then the pounds pile on.

But as we have seen this only works if the diet or exercise program is maintained. So the trick, is to build it into your life.

Diet can be changed by reducing sugary or fatty foods, especially the ones eaten in-between meals. In fact, if you do eat in-between meals, stopping this will result in weight loss. If you can reduce the portions of what you eat if they are excessive will also be a positive step. Ideally, you should be eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, so if you grab a mars bar at three pm, swapping it for a banana is a winner.

Of course, what do you do if fruit and veg is not something you like? Well a glass of fruit juice counts as a portion, so a couple of glasses a day will make a difference. The same applies to vegetable juice.

The secret here though, is to realise that you are only human, and ok you may not be eating four portions of vegetables a day, so what! Life’s too short, just try not to eat food that is calorie loaded. Remember, any positive step is a good one.

The second, is exercise. Many of us simply do not have the time to spend three hours in a gym a day, even a week, so what can we do? Well, walking is always good, and let’s face it petrol is expensive these days. So leaving the car at home where you can is always good and cheaper. Cycling is always good too. The other option is to do a few press-ups or sit-ups a day.

You will be impressed how quickly you will build up muscles and the difference it makes to your weight. The beauty here is you can fit them in where you have a window, and again will not cost anything. If you can why not watch TV from a exercise bike or running machine? Just make sure you do not spill your coffee!

With obesity causing 9000 premature deaths a year and it’s relation to heart disease, type two diabetes, and breast, prostrate and colon cancers, there is a plethora of reasons to make the lifestyle change. If you manage it, you could live an extra nine years. Pass me a carrot!

Do You Know the Benefits of a Diet Rich in Fiber?

Diets rich in fiber have a multitude of benefits: they help in weight loss but also help improve our health overall, from digestive problems to heart conditions.

Forget the fads – a diet rich in fiber is much more effective and beneficial for what could never be the Atkins diet or the negative calorie diet. The advantages of a diet rich in fiber are endless. This diet not only promotes weight loss, but it can solve many health problems as well. In addition, a diet high in fiber can help prevent many disorders and dangerous conditions.

Diet Rich in Fiber

One of the many advantages of a diet rich in fiber is weight loss. Fiber expands in your stomach and takes up a larger volume, so you feel fuller and be less likely to consume excess food. Foods rich in fiber, by its very nature, they also tend to be less dense in calories. This means that contain fewer calories in the same amount of food. Finally, the weight loss is one of the many advantages of a diet high in fiber because fiber foods carry more time to chew, meaning that your body has more time to realize that it is full.

Many health problems such as digestive problems, result from a deficiency of fiber. Thus, one of the advantages of a diet rich in fiber is that it reduces or eliminates these health problems, which may include constipation and cramps. If you can not consume enough fiber-rich foods, taking fiber supplements is also an option that provides the same benefits.

Fiber can also help prevent many conditions and genetic diseases. An example of this is the type two diabetes. The prevention of type two diabetes is one of the great advantages of a diet high in fiber. As the fiber slows absorption of sugar, is beneficial not only for people who are trying to prevent diabetes but also for those already suffering from diabetes, because it can improve blood sugar levels.

healthy diet

A diet rich in fiber also may help prevent heart conditions. The conditions of the heart are often the result of too high levels of cholesterol in the blood. The fiber helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood, so also helps prevent heart conditions.

In general, the benefits of a diet rich in fiber indicate that it is a more accurate and more effectively manage your levels of health. If you want to improve not only your weight but your overall health, think of the advantages that could provide a diet high in fiber.

How Diet Soda Can Sabotage Weight Loss Efforts

Since it’s inception, diet soda has been promoted as the perfect alternative to sugar laden drinks for those who are calorie and weight conscious. And although it is true diet soda has no calories, this certainly does not mean it doesn’t not affect your figure. Furthermore, according to published studies of diet soda, it may actually make you crave more sugary foods and drinks than if you had just drank a regular soda with sugar in it.

The reasons why diet soda may adversely affect your cravings and weight are varied, but we will discuss some of the most common reasons that have been discovered after doing studies of diet sodas.

Soda Can Sabotage Weight Loss Efforts

There are several theories, but these are the two most popular:


This is a hormone in our brain that makes us feel good. It is an important hormone, as those who suffer from depression have low levels of serotonin. When we eat something sweet serotonin levels are altered, making us feel good, but if the body does not feel it’s sugar needs are being met, it will make us crave foods that are converted into sugar such as breads and sweets.

The illusion of eating less

Another theory is that people who consume diet soda and other foods that are diet or “light” will give the person a form of mental “consent” to cheat on something else they eat or drink, or they may unconsciously believe that because they saved calories on one thing such as diet soda they can now eat more of other foods.

For example, there are those who believe that if you eat a large meal at a fast food restaurant such as a large order of fries and a double meat and cheese burger, you are still doing ok because you have saved calories by drinking a diet soda. While it may be true that you saved calories from the diet soda, you have also given yourself mental permission to indulge in a huge calorie and fat filled meal and not feel guilty about it.

Which is the best type of soda to drink?

The correct answer is none. Drink sodas only occasionally, and if you do drink any sodas, drink the real thing with real sugar, not diet sodas -of course this does not apply if you have a blood sugar problem such as diabetes. Leave drinking sodas for special occasions, not for every day drinking. This in turn will actually help you appreciate the taste even more so when you do drink them, such as only on weekends or when you eat out. Also keep in mind sodas are rich in sodium which causes the body to lose calcium. Calcium is vital for the health of our bones.


A normal 12-ounce soda has 12 teaspoons of sugar in it. The World Health Organization recommends that the maximum daily consumption of sugar should be 10 teaspoons. If you drink just one soda you have surpassed their recommendation by a single drink.

drinking water

Find healthful replacements for soda

Try drinking water or tea without sweetening, or a natural fruit juice with no added sugar, or low fat milk. Lemon, oranges or other fruits placed into water will also help to give it some flavor without large amounts of sugar.

Meridia: Not for Everyone

It was a lifeline. I, like many people in my shoes, have tried many different kinds of diets over the years. But alas, I tend to be part of that old cliché: I live to eat, not eat to live. It has been a curse these last years, when time behind the computer to earn the daily dime increases, decreasing my physical activity and all the while, nudging my age upward.

I’d tried the mini meals at one point and somehow trained my body that this was the right way to handle hunger. But then I found myself hungry all day long with a dash of ferocious appetite in the evening (unfortunately within two hours of bedtime). I needed help.

So I asked my doctor if there wasn’t something that would take the edge off that night-time hunger, something to help retrain my brain that I didn’t need that massive meal right before turning in at night. Eating earlier was out of the question because I’m afraid employers frown upon Bunsen burners at the desk and my hours dictated that I be there during that part of the day that most of us consider dinner time-and breakfast time and lunch time. The doctor was understanding and said that many of his patients had great success with a drug called Meridia. (

Meridia Tablets

I was excited to begin a new eating program with a nice crutch for added measure; and once the insurance hurdle was jumped, I started taking Meridia once a day. I’d, of course, gone online and read all the materials available regarding the side effects and usage of the drug, as well as things that other people were saying. It looked good-I could do this.

The first side effect popped up pretty quickly; in fact, it plagued me the first night. Insomnia. This was a real bummer, since I already had two sleep disorders; and now here I was, tossing and turning for five hours, added to an already overwhelming situation. Oddly, though I’d been up more than half the night that first night, and fitfully finally dosed off at a totally unreasonable hour; I wasn’t tired the next day. I felt a bit grouchy, but that was to be expected, right? Hmmm.

By the third day (still having insomnia each night), I realized that another side effect was occurring, but I’d been just dismissing it. It wasn’t until a close friend called me to ask, “Are you alright? You are really on edge lately. What gives?” I’d undergone in that short time frame a personality change-grouchy, in fact, was a kind description.

Frankly, and forgive my bluntness, I’d turned into a bitch. Now my personality, even on a bad day, is usually very mild. I’m almost always in a good mood and I rarely snap at anyone. I’m patient, giving, and generally well-liked. But when my friend pointed out my edginess, I realized that I’d truly changed in the prior couple days.

At work, I wanted to be left entirely alone in my office and did not welcome conversation or interruptions of any kind. When forced to interact (which is a large part of my job), I had to fight the urge to growl at people or become sarcastic. This was not me! At home, I didn’t hold back so much, and those around me were suffering-pretty much in silence for fear of death probably.

But here’s the best part. I was having insomnia. I’d turned into a nasty person. AND the drug was not working. It was supposed to be telling my brain that I was pleasantly full, but I was as hungry (if not more so) than ever! I was getting the bad side effects and not the benefit! Still, I was hopeful and decided to give it a few more days-just in case it took a while to get into my system (well longer than the side effects anyway).

Before And After

Lack of sleep and a changed personality could be dealt with on a short-time basis if I was aware of it, and if the drug would help me change my eating habits, I was all for continuing for a while longer. No go; things continued as they were: I was now a tired shrew.

Consequently, a little over a week after I’d started Meridia, I stopped Meridia. It just wasn’t worth the agony. So a note to the wise, beware, be watchful. It’s a wonder drug for many. But not everyone has a great experience with Meridia.

Can Women Take TestoFuel?

Women in the gym

Testosterone is a male hormone responsible for various masculinity features, including strength gains, muscle mass and fat loss.

Most testosterone boosters are targeted towards men who experience a drop in their T-levels with increasing age.

Women also produce testosterone, and their levels decline as they age.

The case is that both men and women have testosterone and estrogen but on different levels.

But most T boosters are often avoided by ladies due to the fear that they might cause androgenic effects.

Again, no testosterone booster is made explicitly for women.

All the same, some women are concerned about taking T-boosters to enhance their libido, bone density, mood, and muscle strength.

Research shows postmenopausal women who took testosterone alongside hormone therapy reported increased libido.

TestoFuel is a potent testosterone booster with a blend of natural elements.

But is it suitable for women?

Let’s see below.

Can Women Take TestoFuel?


Yes, women can take TestoFuel.

The manufacturer states:

Yes, this is a supplement designed to push your natural testosterone levels to the max, this is a safe amount of testosterone that your body can handle.

TestoFuel Benefits for Women

  • Boosts bone mass

Testosterone will prevent weakening of bones in post-menopausal women.

As hormone levels fluctuate during the menopausal period, women may develop osteoporosis.

TestoFuel will safely increase testosterone levels in women, thus increasing bone mass.

  • Enhances mood

During pre and post menopause, women often experience decreased energy, anxiety, and depression.

TestoFuel will boost mood, improve cognitive function, and increase energy in women.

  • Improved libido

TestoFuel improves sexual drive in women.

  • Accelerates muscle growth

Women in the bodybuilding industry require testosterone to build mass.

Hence, TestoFuel accelerates muscle growth in women involved in heavy training.

Other benefits

  • Reduces bloating and water retention
  • Increases vitality
  • Improves strength
  • Improves skin
  • Regular menstruation
  • Improved sleep
  • Enhanced muscle recovery

How to maximize TestoFuel results in women

Testosterone plays a significant role in women, including brain function, muscle growth, and bone health.

However, increasing age and certain diseases may lower these levels in the bloodstream.

Taking a good T-booster such as TestoFuel will help normalize T-levels.

So, how can women maximize results?

  • Lower alcohol intake

Research shows that drinking too much alcohol lowers testosterone but drinking small amounts might actually increase T-levels in both men and women.

Therefore to maximize results, women should drink moderately.

  • Exercise

Studies show women who engage in competitive sports, running, and weight lifting had increased Testosterone levels in their bloodstream.

  • Lower stress levels

Long term stress levels result in elevated cortisol levels.

Cortisol lowers T-levels in the body, accelerates weight gain and increases appetite.

TestoFuel works best if women avoid repetitive stressful events in their life.

  • Get enough sleep

Plenty of sleep is essential for your overall health.

Studies show that sleeping for only 5 hours a night reduces T-levels by 15 percent; testosterone levels rise with each additional hour you sleep.

Women and men should sleep around 7-10 hours to maintain healthy testosterone levels.

Take Away

Testofuel labels

Women need testosterone to offset the effects of menopause, including depressive symptoms and sexual dysfunction.

Also, women need the energy to support their training routine in the gym.

TestoFuel supports women T-needs.

More about Testofuel can be found here: